The eOffice product aims to support governance by ushering in more effective and transparent inter and intra-government processes. The vision of e-Office is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working of all government offices. The Open Architecture on which eOffice has been built, makes it a reusable framework and a standard reusable product amenable to replication across the governments, at the central, state and district levels. The product brings together the independent functions and systems under a single framework.


  • Enhance transparency – files can be tracked and their status is known to all at all times.
  • Increase accountability – the responsibility of quality and speed of decision making is easier to monitor.
  • Assure data security and data integrity.
  • Provide a platform for re-inventing and re-engineering the government.
  • Promote innovation by releasing staff energy and time from unproductive procedures.
  • Transform the government work culture and ethics.
  • Promote greater collaboration in the work place and effective knowledge management.

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